Vineyard Gifts

Lighthouses of Martha's Vineyard - Card setsMartha's Vineyard - Island Home and Lighthouses - Card sets
NOTE CARDS: Photos available as card sets with envelope (4×5)  or mini prints matted to 5×7. Photographs by Uta

Cathy Peters, Martha's Vineyard in New Hampshire.

1. Cathy Peters, Martha’s Vineyard Cloud in New Hampshire, Photograph.
2.  Emily Hacket, Beach Find – Shadowbox with Island shells found here, each box is different.

Scott Miller, Stained Glass Martha's Vineyard.Debra Marlin, Yellow Dog - River of Love.Debra Marlin, Lake's Soul
1. Stained Glass Wall Hanging by Scott Miller – available in different colors.
2. Books by Debra Marlin, River of Love – Photography and Lake’s Soul -Paintings

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