Jeffrey H. Peacock – Gyotaku

Jeffrey Peacock, BlueFish -Gyotaku

Bluefish Gyotaku  is mounted on a black board, sizes vary.  Each piece of art is one of the kind.

More to come… False Albacore, Black Sea Bass, Striped Bass and  Flounder.

New Artwork just arrived. Please see us.

Artist: Jeffrey H. Peacock

Jeff’s latest artistic creations tie his love of fishing and the ancient Japanese art of Gyotaku together. The traditional form of Gyotaku “Gyo” meaning fish and “Taku” meaning impression, involves covering the fish in “Tsumi” ink and placing white rice paper over the fish. Rubbing the paper onto the fish captures all of the fine details right down to the scales. In an advanced form of the art, a white ink impression on black rice paper, is then hand painted and air brushed capturing the fish’s intrinsic beauty. His works of art often include actual rubbings of tiny bait fish, but can also be quite large, such as the 40″ Northern Pike caught by his neighbor.

Please call 508-693-3948 for sizes and availability. Thank you.