Aquinnah-Gayhead Lighthouse

AQUINNAH – Many year-round residents are descendants of the Wampanoag Indians who showed the colonial settlers how to kill whales, plant corn, and find clay for the early brickyards. Much later, these Aquinnah Indians were in great demand as boatsteerers in the whaling fleets.
The brilliant colors of the mile-long expanse of the Aquinnah Cliffs astonished early explorers and have continued to be a source of interest to scientists and visitors alike. One of the first revolving Lighthouses was erected atop the Cliffs in 1799.

.Kathryn Kleekamp, Aquinnah Lighthouse View.
1. Rowenna, Gay Head – Aquinnah, 2. Kathryn Kleekamp, Aquinnah Light.

Uta Kloss  Photography
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