Vineyard Haven and West Chop Lighthouse


Vineyard Haven - 66 Main Street - Island Art 66 MAIN STREET – This is where Island Art Gallery is located now!
When ships were powered by wind and canvas, Vineyard Haven was one of New England’s busiest ports because of its strategic location on the sailing routes. Most of the coast wise shipping traveled through Vineyard Sound – 13,814 vessels were counted in 1845.
A beautiful Harbor, excellent shops and fine restaurants are only a few attractions so special to visitors and residents alike.

Ned Reade, Afternoon at the West Chop LightNed Reade, Main Street - Vineyard Haven

West Chop Light and Vineyard Haven Main Street, Ned Reade, Originals

John R. Breckenridge, Vineyard Haven Harbor Sunrise

John R. Breckenridge, Vineyard Haven Harbor Sunrise – available matted or framed

Uta Kloss Photography  West Chop Light

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