Flora and Fauna

By definition, flora is a word of Latin origin referring to Flora, the goddess of flowers.  Flora is the root of the word floral, which means pertaining to flowers. Fauna can refer to the animal life or classification of animals of a certain region, time period, or environment. Fauna is also of Latin origin. In Roman Mythology Fauna was the sister of Faunus, a good spirit of the forest and plains.

Uta Kloss Photography

...Uta Kloss, Flowergarten

Uta Kloss - Poison Ivy climbing ...Uta Kloss, Bleeding Heart

Glenn Sauder Photography


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Penny Gilcher – Photographer

Penny has family ties and is a life long visitor to Martha’s Vineyard. In her day job, she is a Surgical Assistant at a trauma hospital in Syracuse, NY. Her job leaves her plenty of time to fine tune her skills as a portrait painter and photographer. Even with travels in Spain and South Africa, Martha’s Vineyard is still her favorite vacation spot.

Penny Gilcher, Hart Haven Sunset 1Penny Gilcher, Hart Haven Sunset 2
Oak Bluffs – Hart Haven Sunsets

Penny Gilcher, HydrangeaPenny Gilcher, Vineyard Grapes
Hydrangea and Vineyard Grapes

Penny Gilcher, Reflections Reflections

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