Oak Bluffs and East Chop Lighthouse

In 1835 Wesleyan Grove, as the Oak Bluffs Campground was called, served as the site for annual summer camp meetings when Methodist church groups found the groves and pastures of Martha’s Vineyard particularly well suited to all-day gospel sessions. Within 40 years of the first camp meeting here, there were crowds of 30,000 attending the Grand Illumination that marked the end of the summer season with a glorious show of Japanese lanterns and fireworks.

.Michael Petrizzo, Gazebo - Oak Bluffs.Penny Gilcher, Hart Haven Sunset 1.John Breckenridge, Anthier's Bridge - Oak Bluffs
1. Michael Petrizzo,  Penny Gilcher, Hart Haven Sunsets, John R. Breckenridge, Oak Bluffs Photograph
R.V. Prosser, Steamer Nobska and Lighthouse
Raymond V. Prosser – Original Watercolor

Robert E. Kennedy, Cottages at Oak BluffsKennedy, Sailing Oak BluffsKennedy, Gazebo at Oak Bluffs

Robert E. Kennedy, Lithographs,  Debra Minihan – Flying Horses

LaRoche, Gazebo Oak Bluffs - artprint .EAST CHOP LIGHT,OCEAN PARK - OAK BLUFFS

Charles La Roche, Gazebo Poster- Uta Kloss Photography

Rowenna , East Chop Lithograph
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One of New England’s most elegant communities, Edgartown was the Island’s first colonial settlement and it has been the county seat since 1642. The stately white Greek Revival houses built by the whaling captains have been carefully maintained.

TERESA YUAN acrylic on canvas  –  SUNNY GRAVELY original watercolor on canvas

RAYMOND PROSSER watercolor matted to 8×10

BELLA, Edgartownn Light original oil

 iUta Kloss - Edgartown Lighthouse

Uta Kloss Photography

John R. Breckenridge - Windows at Edgartown Light

John Breckenridge Photography

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