Chilmark – Menemsha

CHILMARK is a town of rolling hills and unmatched coastline. The stone fences of the sheep farms still ribbon the hills. The center of Chilmark boasts a lovely church. All roads from the center at Beetlebung corner lead to points of beauty. The Menemsha Crossroad joins North Road and takes one to the fishing village once known as MENEMSHA Creek. Here draggers still come in with their nets and the lobstermen land their catches.

Uta Kloss Photography – Chilmark



Town of Chilmark

Lucy Vincent Beach – the Rock

Glenn Sauder Photography – Menemsha Creek

Menemsha Creek

Uta Kloss Photography – Menemsha

Menemsha Coast Guard

Picturesque Menemsha

Jean McCabe original on wood – Menemsha

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One of New England’s most elegant communities, Edgartown was the Island’s first colonial settlement and it has been the county seat since 1642. The stately white Greek Revival houses built by the whaling captains have been carefully maintained.

TERESA YUAN acrylic on canvas  –  SUNNY GRAVELY original watercolor on canvas




RAYMOND PROSSER watercolor matted to 8×10

Hugh Hunsinger, Edgartown Light - original oil

BELLA, Edgartownn Light original oil — Hugh Hunsinger,  original oil on canvas

 iUta Kloss - Edgartown Lighthouse

Uta Kloss Photography

John R. Breckenridge - Windows at Edgartown Light

John Breckenridge Photography

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